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Lawyers’ thoughts and actions should promote peaceful resolution
July 31, 2020

As I look at the world today, I believe that lawyers must go outside the box and find new solutions for problems that have eluded solutions by logical or rational thinking.

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How Lawyers Can Manage Stress and Cortisol Levels During the COVID-19 Crisis
April 23, 2020

I have published many articles about stress and wellness for lawyers. It is quite the popular topic because of the fact that stress is one of the legal profession’s worst hazards.

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How Lawyers Can Be More Mindful and Embrace Their Spirituality
August 30, 2019

Motivational writers and “transformational” leaders talk a lot about “mindfulness” and “spirituality.” Having been a lawyer for over 40 years, I…

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Top 10 Rules to be a Successful Lawyer
June 21, 2019

My latest article published in the ABA Journal: A third-generation trial attorney, I have spent a majority of my life…

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Stress Free Practice: 12 Steps to Help You Get There
March 24, 2019

Stress Free Practice: 12 Tips to Help You Get There Some tips and tricks to help lawyers relax. By JAMES GRAY…

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Lawyers and Depression
March 18, 2019

Lawyers and Depression by Gray Robinson, Esq.             Out of over 100 professions studied at John Hopkins University in 1990, lawyers were found…

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Your Health and The Law
February 20, 2019 No, not health law. I am talking here about healthy lawyers. Oftentimes lawyers don’t make their wellness and health a…

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6 Suggestions for Becoming A Happy, Healthy Lawyer
February 7, 2019 The practice of law is inherently stressful. We have to find healthy ways to deal with that stress and maintain…

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Dumbing Down of Lawyers
January 10, 2019

Apparently, the pass rate of lawyers who sat for the July 2018 bar exam across the country has plummeted, especially in…

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2019 New Year’s Resolutions For Lawyers
January 10, 2019

If we were honest with ourselves, we would admit that New Year’s Resolutions are rarely successful. That is because we hope…

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