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Where Do Lawyers Go From Here?
January 10, 2019

It is coming to the end of another calendar year. So many things have changed since I started practicing law in…

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Golden Age of Lawyers
December 18, 2018

Lawyers have never had such a large and public role in how our society functions By JAMES GRAY ROBINSON, ESQ.Dec 14, 2018…

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Are Headline Seeking Attorneys a Threat to Ethical Principles-Part 1
October 9, 2018

Most lawyers are familiar with the line from Shakespeare’s Henry VI by Dick the Butcher:  “The first thing we do, let’s kill all…

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New Article Published in national Family Lawyer Magazine
September 20, 2018

Here is a new article in Family Lawyer Magazine.   You can read all of my articles in Family Lawyer…

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Another article published in Above The Law
August 22, 2018

As Legal Professionals: We Are Strong Lawyers are taught to think negatively, trying to anticipate worst-case scenarios and what can go…

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Quoted in Article “High Status Lawyers More Likely To Experience Depression”
November 17, 2017

I was recently quoted twice in an article by John Matias in Family Lawyer Magazine, a national legal journal for divorce…

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