Gray Robinson Biography

About Gray Robinson, Lawyer Coach and Founder of Lawyer Lifeline

I am a third generation trial lawyer who was born and raised with lawyers. I have law in my blood. Even with that pedigree, after 27 years of practicing law I hit a wall and was overwhelmed by stress and anxiety. I quit in 2004 because I could not find any meaningful support and could not deal with the stress.

For the last 20+ years I have been studying and researching what happened to me and how to heal. I talked to therapists, experts, gurus, and went to every seminar I could find. What I noticed was there weren’t any programs for lawyers who were struggling with stress and anxiety like I did. Using the wisdom and counseling I had learned in my search I decided to climb back in the saddle and took the Oregon State Bar Exam. I passed!

I have developed an effective program to help attorneys and judges (and other professionals) understand why they get stressed and how to manage it. Not only manage it, but thrive with it. I want lawyers to enjoy their life, their practice, their families. You don’t have to be a strong silent suffering nervous wreck. I want you to remember why you became a lawyer in the first place, to have fun and help people.

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