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Lawyer Lifeline Program: Resilience Training for Lawyers

This program is the result of years of healing, research, training and adventure I experienced after I quit practicing law because I couldn’t handle the stress and anxiety I was feeling. It involves a little reading, introspection, imagination and realization. My resilience training program is designed to help you with stress and anxiety to bring you back to the life you want. This is unlike anything you have ever tried or seen before.  READ MORE HERE


The BreakThrough

To break through your unconscious barriers to your conscious mind, I will design a custom program to help you with your specific issues. This is intense, transforming and mind changing work and will take your willingness and participation. It is confidential, one on one and effective. READ MORE HERE

Change Your Mind Package

Do you want to change something significant in your life? Do you need practical perspective on a life issue that you can’t figure out on your own? This package will help you identify what you need to work on to improve your life. READ MORE HERE

Vision Session

Not sure what you want? Do you need advice on a focused issue that is bothering you? Do you have a simple life question that needs mentoring? READ MORE HERE


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Gray I just wanted to reach out to you and thank you for the  advice you gave me back in December. It helped me turn a very scary time into something positive and I can now say that I found a great opportunity to further my career after getting to spend a good portion of the summer at home with my wife and kids. I’m not sure how much I could have handled without the paradigm shift prompted by you. I wish you the best and continue to enjoy reading your posts and articles.

– Chris Zieglar (SC atty)

I was a judge in the Twenty-First Judicial District of North Carolina for twenty eight years. I had a unique opportunity to see attorneys at their best as well as their worst. Frequently it was quite obvious that my fellow members of the bar were having emotional or substance abuse problems. At times I would discreetly ask if they needed assistance and other times some would approach me and ask for help.

I had an opportunity to review Mr. Robinson’s manuscript and was impressed by the thoroughness of the program.  I believe that this program has the potential to improve anyone’s life, and in some cases actually save some lives.

William B. Reingold
Chief District Court Judge (Retired)
Twenty-First Judicial District, North Carolina

Truly a Powerful Product with practical tested tools !!

Georgena Eggleston, MA, RSCP, CRS
Trauma and Grief Recovery Expert
Author, A New Mourning: Discovering the Gifts in Grief