Sunday morning comes and you’re already dreading Monday. The dread deepens as the day goes on. Frequently, it ruins your whole Sunday and perhaps the whole weekend. The weekend you had desperately anticipated to help you get through the next week.

By Monday morning, the panic is palpable. You feel it in the pit of your stomach. You feel it in your chest as you get ready for work. By the time you’re in the car and driving, you’re so “amped-up” you feel like your heart is going to beat right out of your chest. And you’ve been doing this now for months and years. You feel trapped like a caged animal.

Your brain is screaming silently at you TO DO SOMETHING, but you just don’t know what to do. Nothing that you’ve ever done or learned has prepared you for this depression, this anxiety, this exhaustion!

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I understand.  After 27 years of practicing law, all I knew was depression, anxiety and exhaustion.  I was a highly rated, award winning trial attorney until stress and doubt nearly resulted in a nervous breakdown. I found that I did not have the necessary tools or understanding to manage the pressures of a successful law practice. I was going through my second divorce. I was depressed and exhausted and scared of change.  I felt like I needed a break from my mind and my life.

In 2004, I quit the practice of law. I didn’t have a job or anyone to ask what happened. I began a search to find the tools and strategies to help me escape the hell in which I found myself. And after 16 years of research and training, I now guide attorneys through their crisis.

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It may not feel like it now, but there is a pathway back. A pathway back to life as you envisioned it.

Do you remember when your practice of law was fun, engaging and enjoyable? You can get back to that place.

You can enjoy the practice of law again. Even after having gone through the darkest night of the soul, you can have fun again. All you have to do is ask.

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