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    Lawyer Lifeline Program: Resilience Training for Lawyers

    This program is the result of years of healing, research, training and adventure I experienced after I quit practicing law because I couldn’t handle the stress and anxiety I was feeling. It involves a little reading, introspection, imagination and realization. My resilience training program is designed to help you with stress and anxiety to bring you back to the life you want. This is unlike anything you have ever tried or seen before.

    You will find the real reason you have suffered with anxiety, stress and misery. You will understand why you do the things you do, think the things you think, and act the way you act. You will find out who you really are and discover what a wonderful, creative, beautiful person you really are.

    You are not living the life you want. I want to give you that life. This is a simple process, but it isn’t easy. You have to get acquainted with who you think you are and the person you really are. You will need to be honest, patient, and above all, kind to overcome your stress and anxiety and build resilience. You will need to give yourself a chance to have the life you really want.

    Imagine you could have a practice where you couldn’t fail, and your challenges were fun and exciting. Imagine you had the respect of your colleagues, your family and your friends. Imagine that you could get out of bed after a restful night of sleep, energized and looking forward to your day practicing law.

    The Lawyer Lifeline Program is six (6) weeks of training and consultations with the expert you have been looking for—me. There are six (6) sections, each with explanations of why you may be suffering and how to change your experience. There are exercises and questions designed for you to discover who you are and how to expand your consciousness, awareness, resilience and health so you can be more successful and have more fun! You go at your own speed and we have an hour session at the end of each section to make sure you have learned what you need to learn. The program is specifically designed to solve any problem and any struggle, in ways which maximize your understanding. I will share how I came back from anxiety and depression and bring you with me to help you become a truly resilient lawyer. I have the experience you need to heal and recover your sense of well-being. I know what works and what doesn’t work, and I will not waste your time with cookie-cutter nonsense. This program works!

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