The BreakThrough


You are working harder than you ever thought possible, but you are getting nowhere. Success seems just out of your reach. You love your partner, your relatives, your children but you seem to be growing further and further away from them. All of the habits and behaviors that worked for you in the past no longer support your dreams and goals. Life has become drudgery and struggle.


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    Ultimately your success is your own responsibility. There is no substitute for human performance. You are a leader, but don’t know how. I bring out the best of you and sharpen and perfect your skills both individually and team building. My coaching guides you to the fulfillment of needs or encouragement of the progress for a specific effort or purpose in the fact that brings out your best for achievement of strategic significant projects.

    I can assist in your growth and development as a professional and leader of tomorrow and assist in enhancing your productivity, improve career satisfaction and longevity. Emotional intelligence is just as important as mental intelligence in life and work balance and makes the difference between career stagnation or even failure, success and achievement. It can make or break a career.

    Emotional balance and positive emotions in stressful circumstances are directly related to the ability to be productive, resourceful and effective. It is also critical to create and support rewarding personal and business relationships.

    My coaching stimulates individuality and allows you to decide for yourself the best approach in problem solving, and how to interact with clients, colleagues, adversaries, family and friends as well as how to proceed in your own personal development.

    People are paid first for what they do. As you move up the scale of responsibility and experience, you should do less. In business, the more you do, the less you make. The highest paid people are paid for creating and holding in their mind the concept of your organization. It is my intention to help you increase and enhance performance with increased reward.

    By mastering your unconscious mind, you will master your life. You could be tremendously disciplined and focused with your conscious mind, but if you haven’t dealt with your unconscious mind, you will fail. I will help you master your unconscious mind.

    To break through your unconscious barriers to your conscious mind, I will design a custom program to help you with your specific issues. This is intense, transforming and mind changing work and will take your willingness and participation. It is confidential, one on one and effective.

    For a personalized break though, the investment is $3,500. However, if you want to geometrically increase the impact on your life, I recommend that you combine it with the LawyerLifeline program and I offer the package for $7,500.


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