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Are You an Awakened Lawyer?
March 17, 2023

When we talk about “awakened lawyers,” we don’t only mean lawyers who are conscious of what they think, feel, say and do.

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Managing Stress: 6 Steps to Becoming a Healthier Lawyer
September 30, 2022

The pressure of being a lawyer takes its toll on your health and happiness. Here are a few tips for managing stress and learning to focus on your health first.

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Depression in Lawyers: Bad News and Good News
July 11, 2022

In a recent ALM Mental Health and Substance Abuse Survey, 31.2% of lawyers surveyed felt they were depressed — that is four times the depression rate of the general population.

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The Enemy Within: Are Your Thoughts Sabotaging Your Success?
February 18, 2022

One of the most important steps in mental and emotional health is to be aware of your inner thoughts. 

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Preventing Compassion Fatigue: When Lawyers Care Too Much
August 13, 2021

Burnout and compassion fatigue are human responses to overwhelming emotional trauma and constant stress.

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