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What is happiness and enlightenment?
October 21, 2020

Happiness is not an achievement, goal or pursuit. It is a perception. Enlightenment is simply the ability to enjoy life no…

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How To Deal With Someone Who Blames You For Everything
October 7, 2020

Just because someone wants to make you responsible for their life doesn’t make you a bad person. This is your opportunity to help them take responsibility for their life.

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6 strategies to get a perfectionist lawyer off the ledge
September 18, 2020

In one of life’s ironies, the very things that make a great lawyer may also make a lawyer miserable. Growing up, we were overachievers seeking extra credit, going the extra mile and doing whatever was needed to get the highest grades.

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Have Conversations, Not Arguments
August 27, 2020

The year 2020 will be remembered for many things, most of them negative. There is one thing that most people will agree on, and that is we can’t wait for it to be over.

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Taking a Bar Exam at the Age of 64: Losing My Mind and Winning
August 25, 2020

Taking a Bar Exam at the Age of 64: Losing My Mind and Winning I am a lawyer coach who specializes…

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Lawyers’ thoughts and actions should promote peaceful resolution
July 31, 2020

As I look at the world today, I believe that lawyers must go outside the box and find new solutions for problems that have eluded solutions by logical or rational thinking.

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20 Words to Avoid for A Better Life
July 24, 2020

I can think of other words that people will do better to avoid, these are some I work with every day. Good luck with your speaking clearly and precisely. Here is a list of 20 words that can be extremely debilitating to yourself and others. And you will want to avoid them whenever possible.

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The Underlying Problem with Our Family Law System
July 24, 2020

Our adversarial family law system is not designed to resolve the emotional and psychological issues engendered by divorce – including custody, support, and non-compliance or “bad behavior” of an ex-partner.

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How to Be a Successful Attorney in 2020
June 22, 2020

How to Be a Successful Attorney in 2020 I am a lawyer coach who specializes in helping law professionals deal with…

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Shorter Work Periods Will Not Increase Productivity
June 16, 2020

There is no correlation between productivity and the time available to accomplish a task. Some mistakenly assume that having less time…

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