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New Article Published “12 Tips to Have a Stress Free Practice”
June 25, 2018 The practice (and business) of law is generally stressful. We have to find paying clients, impress them and then charge…

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Find My Articles In Family Lawyer Magazine
April 20, 2018

You can find and read all of my articles published in Family Lawyer Magazine, a national magazine for family law practitioners…

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Mindful Divorce Resolution
February 20, 2018

Divorce lawyers talk a lot about alternative divorce resolution because of the traumatic impact judicially determined divorces have on families who…

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Quoted in Article “High Status Lawyers More Likely To Experience Depression”
November 17, 2017

I was recently quoted twice in an article by John Matias in Family Lawyer Magazine, a national legal journal for divorce…

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Putting Gold in Your Golden Years
November 2, 2017

As we age, life changes. For lawyers, getting older means our bodies change, our thinking changes and our goals must change….

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Emotional Survival Manual for Lawyers
October 20, 2017

I am a lawyer coach who specializes in helping professionals deal with attorney fatigue, lawyer burnout and lawyer depression. Let’s face…

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Being a Happy and Profitable Lawyer
October 18, 2017

Reprinted  from Family Lawyer Magazine   In my consulting practice, I have met many successful lawyers who weren’t happy, satisfied or…

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