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6 Habits That Keep Us In The Fray & How To Rise Above It
November 3, 2017

I have this itch that never seems to be satisfied—and it isn’t sex. It is fighting and arguing.  I am a…

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Escaping the Prison of Our Mind
November 2, 2017

I have a good friend who was sentenced to a nine-year jail term for writing bad checks. While that may…

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Putting Gold in Your Golden Years
November 2, 2017

As we age, life changes. For lawyers, getting older means our bodies change, our thinking changes and our goals must change….

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Emotional Survival Manual for Lawyers
October 20, 2017

I am a lawyer coach who specializes in helping professionals deal with attorney fatigue, lawyer burnout and lawyer depression. Let’s face…

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Being a Happy and Profitable Lawyer
October 18, 2017

Reprinted  from Family Lawyer Magazine   In my consulting practice, I have met many successful lawyers who weren’t happy, satisfied or…

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Karma Is For Losers
September 20, 2015

It hit me like a bus carrying illegal immigrants. We have totally gotten it all wrong, as usual. The concept of…

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May 27, 2015

I remember in art class the importance of learning how to draw or paint using perspective. It was necessary if I…

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May 24, 2015

            Anyone who has been on the spiritual path or seeking anything in this lifetime has probably…

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May 18, 2015

            We all have been there. Hell. That place in your life that you did not think you could survive without…

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May 14, 2015

            I read all of the time that people need to be authentic; they need to be…

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