If we were honest with ourselves, we would admit that New Year’s Resolutions are rarely successful. That is because we hope to change something about our lives that we don’t like. The problem is that we live our life as best we can without supervision because we feel we are smarter than the average bear. This rarely works, because we all need supervision, especially the ones that feel like they are smarter than the average bear.

            So how can we be better lawyers, husbands, wives, singles or whatever. Here are the New Year’s Resolutions that work:

  • Quit obsessing about money. Money is not a measure of success. How much we earn is a bragging rite, but the truth is how many people that show up for your funeral is a bigger measure of your success.
  • Every resolution involves losing weight and being better looking. How much are you willing to invest into this ideal? Quit making promises your body can’t keep.
  • Accept the fact that you are not omniscient. 
  • Find someone that needs help and help them. 
  •  Burst your bubble. Life is not as bad or as good as it looks.
  • Be the center of yourniverse. If you’re not happy, the world sucks.
  • Introduce yourself without the word lawyer.
  • Commit to spend more time with your family. 
  • Make your life the focus of your work, not your work the focus of your life.
  • Make a list of the people who will miss when you die and make sure it is more than 20. 

We all try to be the best ever. Just be the best you can be.